e-Copyright System

Development Period: Jun 2016 – Aug 2017

Delivery: 23 August, 2017


Client: Copyright Office, Govt. of Bangladesh.

Project Description:

e-Copyright is an Online Application System to obtain Copyright Registration Certificates  by the interested applicants together with an e-Filing Management System for Copyright Office, Bangladesh to manage and issue the Copyright Certificates.


The whole process of e-Copyright  System starts from applying online, checking the original work(s) with relevant documents, verifying payments, tracking files, completing all necessary functions till issuance of the Copyright Registration Certificate – all done digitally.



Copyright Application process:

Prior to applying online, the applicants can see and know the detail of the application procedure, number of documents to submit with the application, necessary fees to pay etc. - from this e-Copyright web portal.

Knowing every detail of the procedure, applicants are able to fill up the ‘Copyright Application Form’ most easily through an online user-friendly environment from anywhere at any time. The applicant(s) can start the application process at anytime and able to save it for months until final submission. This will help the applicants to prepare all necessary papers with enough time. The system will also guide the applicants to fill up the ‘Copyright Application Form’ in right manner.


e-Filing System of Copyright Office:


Functions of the Copyright office will be performed digitally. The function starts just after receiving the applications for copyright registration via online. Tasks includes file processing, tracking,  searching, attached documents searching and verification, payment verification, sending hearing notice, communicating online with the applicant(s) or other stake holders, amendments and issuance of Copyright Certificate to deserving candidates. A digital archiving system to archive intellectual works and relevant files - so that any file or intellectual works can be searched and found instantly.


Funded by:  Access to Information (a2i) Prime Minister’s office, Bangladesh.

Technical Partner: UNDP