e-Requisition with Inventory Management System

Client: Department of ICT, ICT Ministry of Bangladesh Govt.

Delivered: December 2016

Development Period Sep 2016 – Dec 2016

URL:  http://digitalprogressbd.com/inventory/login


Project Description:

An Automation System for Products Requisition and Inventory Management system to operate it within the departments for easy handling of the materials and to deliver the products to the concerned people who need it. The system helps for in-time delivery of the requested products at by keeping the store always updated with inventory. The main function of the Automation System are as follows:

A. An online system to submit ‘Requisition’ by the ‘Authorized Users’ as per his / her requirement. The User will find a ‘Requisition Form’ online to place an order for products as per requirement.

B. The system has facility to entry all the products in the ‘Purchase Entry Form’. In here, Serial number, Item code, Description of Items, Unit Price, Quantity and Total price, Purchase date and sellers names are entered. 

C. To approve ‘Requisition’, the Admin / concerned authority finds all ‘Requisitions’ submitted by the different users in the Dashboard. The ‘Requisitions’ will appear sequentially in date and time order in Dashboard. Then the Admin/authority will approve the ‘Requisition(s)’ as per set norms.

D. When approved, a copy of it or ‘Requisition Approval Form’ will be sent to store keeper (with detail of products, quantity etc.) directly by advising the Storekeeper to deliver the products/ materials to concerned person requisitioned it. It will also automatically inform the person requisitioned that his Requisition has been approved and awaits delivery. 

E. When the Store Keeper Finds ‘Approved Requisition’; basing on that a ‘Delivery Order’ automatically prepared by the system. Storekeeper will only deliver the products to concerned Requisitioner by checking it.

F. The System automatically keep record of all transactions and update the inventory. Store will be notified if quantity of any product reaches to Minimum Level / Repeat Order Level. This helps to start procurement process to keep sufficient stock as usual.


F. The system helps to know all about stock / stored items, when to procure items, total products delivery to a certain person / all people in a certain time. Number of items consumed in certain time and also about missing, damages, pilferage items. Above all, from placing order to deliver products to destination this systematic automated approach saves time, money and keeps precise record of inventory managing multi functions with minimum effort.

Client: Department of ICT´╗┐, ICT Ministry of Bangladesh Government.