Ipsita E-Result & School Management System

Clients: 250+ Schools

Project Description:

The School Management System is a business optimization of school or educational institutes and it’s processes.

The School Management System software was designed aiming smooth managerial operation for all the Pre-Primary, Primary, Junior Secondary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Educational Institutions of Bangladesh.

Three-quarters of our population live in rural areas; our target mainly is to digitalize rural educational institutions of our country and other developing countries - all over the world.

Our Motto: Minimize digital divide among rural and urban educational institutions. 

This versatile system can fit to any educational Institution of any country.

Ipsita School and E-Result Management System is currently being used by 250+ Schools in Bangladesh since 2015.


Technology and innovation

  •   The system is customizable for any type of educational institutions. 
  •   The system is affordable, no cost charged for the software.
  •   Only nominal maintenance charge applicable.
  •   Most of the entries can be done offline for helping rural schools who hardly have facility of internet connectivity. Can be uploaded          all information in a few minutes when connectivity is available.
  •  This versatile system can fit to any educational Institutions of any country. If any particular features needed by the institutions of       country concerned; it can fulfill those requirements too. So, any educational institution beyond border can get this system from us to step forward in digital system at a minimum cost.


  •   Database of Students, Teachers & Employees to get instant information.
  •   System for Online Admission, Promotion, ID Card Print, Class Routine and Online Attendance publish & monitor.
  •   E-Result publication, Issuance of all type of Certificates / Testimonials.
  •   Exam result entry by a quick method.
  •   Basic Accounts with Students Fees Management, Online Payment (optional)
  •   SMS Notification to guardians about attendance status of  students, Tuition fees, result etc.
  •   Holiday Information, Notice, Teachers Duty Roaster
  •   Publication, Gallery, Career, Admission Notice etc.
  •   Teacher student communication online (optional)
  •   Teachers Duty Roster
  •   Teachers/Employees Attendance System
  •   Human Resource Management System(optional)
  •   Assets Management (optional)
  •   Inventory System (optional
  •   Dedicated people are engaged both in marketing and maintenance service to provide the smooth and uninterrupted service.
  •   Up gradation process is always on for stability.