Ipsita E-Result & School Management System

One of our core and original project is School Management System that allows a school to do all the necessary day to day works either online or offline. The software can be web-based or desktop based – as needed by school authorities. The systems are already in use in number of schools. The software is international standard, can fit in any educational Institution and have customized solution.

The project  has two parts:


Website part: The first and the prime unit of our project, our client school will receive a fully developed Website. The contents of the webpage is dynamic, the school can instruct us just how many applications they want.

Note: It is a Government Requirement that every registered school must have a website.

Common Features of our School website:

  • About Us
  • Achievements Of the School
  • Notice board
  • Headmasters word
  • List of Teacher
  • 12/6 Helpline Support
  • Multilingual Support (English, Bangla)


Software Part:

The most innovative part of our school management project is in the software.

 Some of Our Unique Features

·         Fully Computerize system to prepare Exam result (web based)

·         Auto publishes result in the website.

·         Can keep students Monthly Records.

·         Admission form download facilities

·         Section list.

·         Exam Schedule.

·         Mark Sheet & Report Card

·         Accounts Management.

·         HR Management

·         Attendance  Record management

Demo Projects: