Ipsita Edu-Institute & Student Management System

Pre-Admission Form Issue

Pre –Admission form Issue is the first step of admission process. Also, it is the first source of income. Diploma Student Management System (DSMS) can tracks complete detail related to all pre-admitted student information by Name, by phone, email, by date, by year. We can record the form sale income in this module.

Entrance Test

This module is used to handle entrance test conducted by the institute. The components of this module are printing of admit cards, conducting the entrance test, storing the marks/grade, preparing the merit list of students etc.

Student Registration & Admissions Module

Student Registration & Admissions module handles registration and admission process of both old and new students. In this module we can register the student, refundable security deposit, one time registration fee, assign the course, class and section to a student.

All the incomes generated from students in this module are reflected in all accounting reports. We can apply different options to students based on their criteria, like Residence, Non-Residence, old or new students etc.


Fees Collection & Receipt Printing Module for Institutes

Fees collection & receipt printing is the most important department of an institute, because this is the major source of income and major activity of any day in an institute. In an institute, you will need to receive fees from hundreds of students in a day and issue receipts to them. This process should be very fast and accurate. DSMS is the Institute fee collection module, which automates department of fee collection for any institute with complete security and consistency/accuracy of your data. Also it allows receiving fees in seconds with few clicks of mouse/keyboard.

Student Information System

This module is used to track all data of students. You can have access to student’s personal, parents, address, academic, medical and Discipline records with just a few clicks.

Course Module

This Course module is a set of various modules that functions together to manage the course curriculum. It can be said that the course module is the most important module as all the other modules are dependent on the course module and is structure accordingly.

This module is used to set and maintain the master files for course, classes, semester and batch curriculum. This module is structured to manage all other specification for a class or batch’s requirement.


·         Set the Master for courses, batches, semester, classes and subjects.

·         Separate record managing for each batch.

·         Assigning subjects to staff and students

·         Maintaining the fee structure batch wise

Examination Management Module

Maintain all details of internal/external exams, theory/practical test, teacher wise internal assessment, automatic result preparation and print marks sheets.

Send Direct Emails

Using this module you can send direct email to management, staff, teachers, parent and students, from within the application.

Send SMS from Mobile Phone

Using this module you can send single and bulk SMS to parent and students, using mobile phone. It allows quick, easy and low cost communications to all.

Students Attendance

This module maintains quick and accurate recording of student’s attendance.

This module is used to identify irregularities in the academic interests of the students. The same can be used to assess the student and give individual attention to the causes of absences. This module also helps imposing fines for absents/late comings. You can create complete attendance reports and summary of student. Based on the presence % students can be allowed to sit in exams.

User Management

This module is responsible for security and integrity of DSMS data. This module allows creating users, assigning passwords and grant/revoke permissions.

We can assign module wise permissions, new/edit/delete permission (function wise permissions), enable/disable a user, and maintain user wise changes records.