News Portal


The News portal is a customizable dynamic web application which can be built based on client’s unique requirements. The news Portal will have the entire feature the CMS usually have, plus the role based news manager which will allow the reporters to add news & then verified & published by an In-charge or an Editor. The public section will have the news search option with archive etc.


Features of the News Portal


i.        News:

a.      Headline/ Lead News

b.      Breaking News

c.       Category News (Local, City, International, Sports News etc)

d.      Share news with social Network (Facebook, Twitter etc)

e.      News rating

f.        Comment option

g.      Most Popular News

h.      Latest News

i.        Most Commented News

j.        Search News

ii.      Video & image upload option with News (Youtube/Vimeo etc)

iii.    Program Schedule

iv.    Image gallery

v.      Voting/polling option

vi.    Advertisement  Management

vii.  Weather Forecast

viii.Auto Time & Date update

ix.    Career or Jobs Announcement

x.      About UTV

xi.    Contact us with form to submit

xii.  User Management

a.      Super Admin (All Management)

b.      News Editor (News Editor will review the news and publish)

c.       Reporter (He/she will only be able to write news)

d.      Login, logout, change password

xiii.Facebook Like feed

xiv.Notice board/Events

xv.  Newsletter

a.      Subscription option

b.      Send newsletter to subscribed emails

xvi.Epsn Cricinfo Auto Score update

xvii.                      Menu Management

xviii.                    Page Management


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