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The Online Examination System enables students to appear in the exam of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). Before entering into the ‘Exam’ page, students need to fill up a registration page for their identity check through student database.
The Admin creates ‘Question Bank’ based on the subjects. Each subject may have hundreds of questions categorized as ‘tough’, ‘medium’ and ‘easy’. Prior to online exam, Admin decides and selects number of questions to be answered, percentage of question category, duration of exam and the pass mark.
Then students get into the Exam page and find the questions that appear in the screen on random basis; each question has to be answered within a certain time by selecting right answer from multiple choices.
Though the students sit together in the exam room, they cannot help each other because questions appear on random basis.
As duration of exam is prefixed, once the time gets over, the system automatically shows the result to concerned students indicating total number of questions, number of right answers and wrong answers and marks obtained with pass / fails status. If any student completes the exam earlier than the fixed time, he/she will be able to see the result instantly.
Student-wise result sheet and a tabulation sheet will be automatically forwarded to the admin via e-mail - right after the exam ends. Moreover, all the exam reports will be archived in the database of the system.
Any educational and training institute exam boards can use this software to conduct their relevant exam because the answers are checked by the computers which ensures accurate result and instant result publication facilities. The admin can upload/edit/ delete any number of questions while the time duration of the exam can also be set from the same admin panel. The system is coded in such a way that the marks obtained are stored into the database and it will also restrict a student from giving multiple exams unless the Admin permits.


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