FOQAS-Course & Learning Management system

Foqas Products & Services


Foqas has multiple products integrated into one application:

1.Foqas Profile (Social Network)

2.Foqas Course (LMS)

3.FoqasPaathshala (eStore)

4.Foqas Network (Institution Network

5.Foqas Network Course (Institution LMS)


Foqas is a Social Learning Management System (SLMS). Unlike traditional Learning Management System (LMS), Foqas allows all users to create a Profile Account in Foqas which is independent of the LMS. Profile accounts are hosted and managed by Foqas and is provided to all users FREE of cost.


Foqas course is a full-featured Learning Management System at a very affordable price. Foqas course is designed to be very flexible and meet the needs of all educators by providing a LMS that can support all teaching methods: In-class teaching, Online, On-demand, and Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Note: On-demand teaching method is in development, and not supported at current version.

Foqas Course is priced in a simple pay as you go pricing structure, with no subscription or hidden fees:

* Course Registration - $15 per course (one-time fee)
* Monthly fee per course - $2 per month
* If you charge your students, 10% Revenue share


FoqasPaathshala is a global eStore designed to make educations accessible to everyone. Any educator or institution can choose to publish their course in Paatshala which will be immediately available to everyone around the world. Foqas allows all users to publish course in Paathshala FREE of cost.

For Institutions only:


Institutions have their own students and teachers and needs a Learning Management System (LMS) that is more structured. Foqas Network is a product specifically designed to meet the needs of Institutions. Foqas Network is a private network where Institution has more control over its courses, students, and teachers in the Network.

Network page are licensed to institution with annual fee. License fee varies by size, location, and type, and in most cases it is at least 5,000 USD per institution.

Other Charges   

  • Foqas does not charge institutions for number of users
  • Foqas charges institutions for Course Registration Fee, and pricing is standard and similar to non-institution course registration fee
  • If Institution course are published in Paathshala, then there will be standard 10% revenue share. Institutions are recommended to create course as “Private”, and “Free to Enroll” to avoid Revenue Share fee for Student Enrollments.



Foqas Network Course is similar to Foqas course but is part of Foqas Network. Course created inside the Foqas Network are managed by Network Administrator and billed to the Institution's billing account. Institution’s administrator controls the following features:

1. Publish method: Privately or Publicly

2. Pricing: Free or Paid

3. Class Size

4. Billing

5. Revenue

               Note: Foqas (Company) reserves the right to change pricing at any time.

          Simple pricing model explained

Foqas is designed to make learning accessible. And so making it affordable is one of our primary objectives. It is free to create an account, and you only pay per course. Foqas is a high-quality and feature rich LMS at an amazingly affordable price.

         * Create account - FREE

* Course Registration - $15 per course (one-time fee)

* Monthly fee per course - $2 per month

* If you charge your students, 10% Revenue share

Foqas is FREE to use, and always will be.

         Example Case:

      * Suppose, your institution has 500 students, and need           12 courses per semester.

* And, one semester is about 15 weeks (about 4 months) long.

* And, there are 2 semesters (Spring and Fall) per year.


      Cost of Foqas (in USD):

$15 per course x 12 course per semester = $180

Free first month x 12 course per semester = $0

$2 per month x (4-1) month in a semester x 12 course per semester = $72

Total cost per semester = $252

$210 x 2 number of semesters per year = $504

$504 + $0 (no charge for number of users) = $504

Foqas is a fully managed "Cloud solution", so there is no need for you to have an IT team to manage the LMS. You will automatically receive all the software updates and new features as they are released without any cost to you.

So... total cost of ownership per year = $504

Note: Institutions only are subject to annual Licensing fee, not included in above calculations.

         Foqasvs Other LMS:

For 500 users,

Other full-feature LMS cost approximately $25,000

Foqas full-feature LMS cost $504

Foqas cost is about 2% of other LMS.

You may ask, how are we able to reduce the price so low for a full-featured LMS?

The answer is: Foqas is not a traditional LMS, from the initiation of Foqas our goal was to reduce price and make the best quality LMS. So we built a system which is scalable and managed in cloud. We automated most of our processes and built our LMS in an architecture to benefit from economy of scale. Also we divided our pricing to different groups to make it less stressful for one group to making it affordable for everyone.


        How Course Registration Pricing works?

At any time, you will be able to create a draft course for FREE and will receive FREE 3 months access to that course to edit as you like.

After the 3 months, your course will be locked, and will be placed in a Queue for automatic deletion after 6 months/180 days.

Any time during the 3 months or after the 3 months but before 6 months, you will need to register the course.

Benefits of Registration:

1) You will be able to publish the course

2) You will have access to edit the course

3) You will be able to add students in the course

Cost of Registration:

One time $15 to register the course

$2/month covering registration period

Note: 1st month registration is FREE

Example: 4 month registration = $15 X (4-1)*2 = $21

After your registration period expires, your course will be automatically locked again and will be placed in Queue for deletion after 6 months.Recommendation: If you do not need this course, we recommend you download this course to your local drive right away, and can later upload and create a similar course anytime.


Network pages are available to institutions, please contact us for more information.

         Pricing FAQs

         What is the user limit on Foqas LMS?

Foqas is a highly scalable and fully hosted in cloud solution, and so there is no limit on the number of users in Foqas. For example, if your institution/course have millions of users, Foqas can handle it.


Can I create Free courses?

It is Free to create courses and build/keep it in draft stage. When you are ready to publish the course, you will need to register the course.

What is the difference between course creation and registration?

You can create a course and add content at any time for Free. However, when you are ready to publish the course and allow student enrollment, you will register the course and is subject to registration fee.

What is Course Registration fee?

Once you are ready to enroll students and start the semester, you will register your course to publish it and it will become visible to your students. Registration is a one time fee per course.

Can I reuse my course?

Yes, you can create a copy of the course or renew the course at anytime, however in both cases they are treated the same way as a new course registration. It is best practice to create a duplicate of the old course and not reuse the old course.

Can I create an on-demand course without end date?

You can create an on-demand course but they have an expiration date which you can renew indefinitely, each renewal is subject to course registration fee.

Where do students register for my course?

You can list your course in Foqas platform (Paathshala), Institution’s Network catalog, or you can send email invites to students from Foqas.

Are there merchant fees for taking credit card payments?

Approximately  2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. PayPal may also charge currency conversion fee if payments made not in USD. Please view PayPal pricing at

What does it cost me to offer a course for free?

Foqas pricing is simple and standard in all cases. If your course is offered for free, then there will be no revenue share, but course registration fee and monthly fee still applies.

Can I charge students to enroll in my course?

Yes, you can set an enrollment price for your course. When students enroll into your course by paying the price you set for your course, there will be a 10% revenue share with Foqas and payment processing fee subtracted from your revenue.

What is Revenue share?

Foqas charges a small fee for the services provided to you. Suppose you charge your students $20 to enroll in your course, $2 (10% of 20) will be subtracted as fee for Foqas services.

How does Foqas bill me?

Foqas payment is instantaneous. If any student enrolls in your course, you will receive the money right away.

How do I get paid for my courses?

Foqas uses third party billing systems to manage the payments, currently only Paypal is supported, you will need to create a paypal account and connect it with Foqas. Note: Other payment methods are supported for Institution accounts only at this time.

Is there a different pricing model for institutions?

Institutions need to pay annual licensing fee, but the course prices are similar.