Portfolio information

Project Name : Online Tennis and Squash Booking System

Project Client : American Embassy Employees Association, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Project Category : Commercial

Project URL : https://www.aeeadhaka.org/


A Tennis and Squash Courts Management System is a software solution designed to streamline and automate various aspects of managing tennis and squash courts at sports facilities or clubs. Such a system can benefit both facility managers and players by enhancing reservation processes, scheduling, maintenance, and overall operations.


The Tennis and Squash Courts Management System was created to empower club members with the convenience of online court bookings. This software also provides club administrators with digital tools to oversee and manage overall activities.

Club members have the flexibility to choose their preferred courts, select time slots, specify trainers, and even rent tennis or squash racquets. The system allows members to cancel their booked courts if necessary. During the booking process, members can view detailed charges (itemized and total) before finalizing their request. Upon submission, the system instantly sends a status notification, confirming the booking or cancellation, to the member's email.

For club administrators, the system offers a comprehensive view of member activities, including individual or collective reports on Tennis and Squash Courts bookings and cancellations. Information on trainer involvement, rented items, available slots, and fee collection for all services is easily accessible.

Administrators can also monitor financial transactions and generate revenue reports on a shift, day, month, or yearly basis. This information is readily available to administrators upon logging into the system from any location, eliminating the need to seek updates from relevant individuals.


How it works? 

The club management software is a cloud hosted solution that leverages Internet technology and the convenience of connectivity. No confusing installation and no more location limitation as with on premise deployment. Everything is done and managed online with club's own web portal. Whether it is a single establishment or a multi-location business, and regardless of number of clients, this club management software has scalable features and capabilities to handle every kind of club management operations.


At its most basic level, club management software works in following manner:


  • Clients fills up form with required information at the website to become a member of the concerned club.

  • The admin of this Club Management System accepts / rejects client as member and automatically notifies.

  •   Member received a unique ID to enjoy all facilities permitted at the club depending on membership type.

  • Member books and schedules appointment at club website, in necessary cases, hire trainer and other facilities.

  • System confirms schedule and notifies admin, trainer and the member.

  • If there are schedule changes or no-shows, the system reschedules client for available dates.

  • System again notifies admin and member and confirms new appointment.

  • Member pays fee or the total cost for the service via online / offline and system processes the payment.