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Project Name : Gaanjanala

Project Client : Gaanjanala

Project Category : Commercial

Project URL : https://gaanjanala.com/


Established with a passion for music and a commitment to fostering a global community of music enthusiasts, it is a music web portal that transcends boundaries, genres, and eras to bring you an unparalleled auditory experience. It is more than a website; it's a community of like-minded individuals brought together by a shared love for music. A platform to Join the conversation, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and embark on a collective journey of musical exploration.


"Gaanjanala" is a platform that celebrates music in its various forms, providing a wide collection of audio and visual content, educational resources and insights into the world of music.


Following are the features of “Gaanjanala” Sangeet website:

Homepage: The website's front page is designed to captivate visitors immediately. It often features dynamic elements like high-quality images or videos of popular artists, upcoming concerts, or trending music.


Video Songs: This section probably features a collection of music videos, allowing users to watch and enjoy their favorite songs with visual elements.


Audio Songs: In this section, users might find a library of audio tracks, enabling them to listen to songs without accompanying videos.


Instrumental: This category may contain instrumental versions of songs, which are music tracks without vocals. Instrumental music is often used for various purposes, including background music.


Behind The Scenes: This section could offer a behind-the-scenes look at music production, including insights into the creative process, recording sessions, and more.


History: This section may provide historical information about music, artists, or specific genres, helping users learn about the evolution of music over time.


Interview: Users might find interviews with musicians, composers, and other industry professionals here. These interviews can offer insights into their work and experiences.


Gallery: This section likely features a collection of images related to music, such as artist photos, album covers, and concert snapshots.


Music Collections: Curated playlists showcase industry style and knowledge, contributing to the app's trend-setting status.

Music Categorization: Flexible track and artist search options are provided through categorization by playlists, genres, popularity, ratings, year of recording, mood, activities, etc. Categories include various song types, artists, and lyricists.

Categories organized in following manner:


            Type of Songs

                    ·    Audio Song

                    ·    Video Song

                    ·    Other

Song by Category / Country / Language

·    Classical song       ·    Tagore Song              ·    Nazrul Geeti        ·    Folk Song                  ·    Modern Song   

·    Pop Song               ·    Rock Song                  ·    Metal Song          ·    Ballads Song                ·    Dance Song    

·   Love Song              ·   Recitation Son            ·    Theme song        ·    Orchestral Song         ·   Jingle song    

·    Gospel Song         ·   Mourning Song         ·    Others Song

Songs by Artist (Bengali)

·     Lucky Akhand        ·    Sabina Yasmin          ·    Feroza Begum

·    Ayub Bachhu          ·     Rezwana Choudhury Bannya

Songs by Lyricist (Bangladeshi)

·    Mohammad Rafiquzzaman

·    Golam Murshed

·    Gazi Mazharul Anwar

Artists' Profiles: Acknowledging musicians as crucial stakeholders, the app supports followers in keeping up with favorite artists and accessing exclusive content.

Music Player: The music player incorporates features like shuffling, timing, and tuning options. Compatible web music players include Music Bee, AIMP, Media Monkey, Wimpy Mp3 Player, VLC Media Player, and Flash MP3 Player.

History: It could be history of making a music album, history of the men behind this music portal or explore interesting stories about music that might catch the attention of music lovers.

Interview: Interesting interviews of the artist, lyricist, musician and other involved in concerned activities with images and videos are informative and enjoyable.

Recommendations: A unique algorithm suggests playlists and songs based on user preferences, considering factors such as user behavior and collaborative filtering.

Push Notifications: Informing users about nearby events, latest music news, and favorite artists' releases, push notifications keep the app in the user's mind.

Lyrics: Integration of lyrics transforms average listeners into loyal fans, providing additional information about the recording, such as label, year, and awards.

Download/Save Option - Offline Access: A download button on the playlist screen facilitates easy offline access, enhancing the overall user experience.

Pre-Save Option: Users can pre-save albums that have been announced but are not yet available, allowing automatic downloads once the album becomes accessible.