Portfolio information

Project Name : ZINGAMETAL

Project Client : Zingametal

Project Category : Commercial

Project URL : http://zingabd.com/


A business website is a comprehensive online resource that caters to the diverse needs of individuals and organizations working in the business world. It offers a wide range of information, tools and services related to entrepreneurship, industry-specific insights, financial management, legal compliance, marketing strategy and more. You must have such a website to expand your business or improve the competitiveness of your industry.


The Zingametal website is an online platform designed to cater to the needs of businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals and anyone interested in the world of commerce and industry. This website provides a wealth of information, resources and tools to help individuals and organizations succeed in the business world.


Following are the features of Zingametal website:


Home: The home page is the main entry point of the website, likely featuring an introduction to the company and its products, as well as navigation links to other sections.


About Zinga:

How Zinga Works: This section may explain the technology or process behind Zinga's products, giving visitors an understanding of the company's unique approach.

Key Benefits: Here, the website may highlight the advantages of using Zinga's products, such as corrosion protection, durability, or environmental benefits.

Application: Visitors can learn about the practical applications of Zinga's products, where they are used, and how they benefit various industries.

Data Sheets: This section may provide technical data sheets for Zinga's products, offering in-depth information on specifications and performance.


Product Range:

Sprays: This section likely features details about the various spray products offered by Zinga.

Color Spray By Zinga: Information about Zinga's color spray product.

Zinga Spray: Details about the standard Zinga spray.

Alu Spray: Information on Zinga's aluminum-based spray.

Zinga Alu Spray: Information on a specific product combining Zinga and aluminum.


Film Galvanizing: This section may provide information about the film galvanizing process and how Zinga's products are used in this context.


Testimonials: Here, visitors can read or view testimonials from satisfied customers who have used Zinga's products, showcasing their positive experiences.


Ref. Books: This section may offer references or recommended reading materials related to corrosion protection and galvanizing.


Certificates: Visitors can find information on any certifications or quality standards that Zinga's products have achieved.



Photo Gallery: A collection of photos related to Zinga's products, applications, or projects.

Video Gallery: Videos that showcase the use and benefits of Zinga's products.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section where common queries about Zinga's products and services are answered.


Contact: Contact information for reaching out to the company, including phone numbers, email addresses, and possibly a contact form.