Portfolio information

Project Name : Salesforce Tracking System (Mobile Apps)

Project Client : Bengal Trading (M) SDN. BHD. Malaysia.

Project Category : Commercial

Project URL : https://salesmen.ipsitahost.com/


Effectively oversee sales operations by monitoring sales personnel during their store visits, employing real-time location tracking, and capturing pertinent visit data. Sales representatives benefit from individual logins, task monitoring, Waze-integrated location views, and instantaneous status updates, ensuring streamlined operations.


Admin Function Summary: The administrative function involves the oversight of sales representatives and the addition of retail outlets, with the capability to create, edit, delete, and modify their status.

Administrators can allocate stores to sales representatives on specific dates, monitor store visits, precisely track the location of sales personnel using latitude and longitude, and seamlessly upload data from Excel files to add stores and sales representatives.

Features of Admin:

• Manage sales personnel by creating, deleting, and adjusting status (active, inactive).

• Control stores by creating, deleting, and modifying status (active, disabled), and assigning them to sales representatives on specific dates.

• Monitor sales representatives' store visits through various options and track their real-time location via latitude and longitude.

• Facilitate seamless data management by allowing the upload of Excel files to create stores and sales representatives.

Sales Representative Function Summary: Sales representatives log in with unique IDs and can view their assignments chronologically and store-wise. They have access to their store visit schedules, including location details from Waze maps. Admins can view real-time status updates of sales representatives. All store visits by the sales representatives are automatically archived with details such as store name, date, and time of visit.

Features of Sales Representatives:

• Access personalized accounts with unique IDs for login.

• View assignments chronologically and store-wise, including schedules for store visits on specific days and times.

• Utilize Waze maps to visualize store locations.

• Provide real-time status updates to admins during store visits.

                                                                    • Automatically archive all store visits, including details such as store name, date, and time.


Apps Development Kit/Tools:

Mobile App: Flutter

Admin Client: React JS

Server API: Laravel

Database: MySQL