Portfolio information

Project Name : Digital Audio Management System

Project Client : Bangladesh Parliament Secretariate

Project Category : Government

Project URL : Dashboard System


A Digital Audio Management System (DAMS) professional specializes in implementing, optimizing, and maintaining software solutions that organize, store, and manage digital audio assets. Key competencies include system integration, metadata management, workflow optimization, security implementation, user training and staying updated on industry trends. The goal is to streamline audio production workflows, enhance collaboration, and ensure the secure and efficient management of digital audio content.


    Solution/ Technology Provided

    Introducing our Feature-Packed Parliament Session Recording and Transcription System:


Effortless Audio Transfer:

Seamlessly transfer recorded audio files from Parliament sessions to your designated PC or Laptop with ease.


Organized Audio Files:

Our software generates organized audio files, arranged by date for quick and efficient retrieval of information.


Intelligent File Segmentation:

Divide lengthy audio files into bite-sized segments automatically, each spanning a 5-minute duration or as determined by your administrator.


Customized Segmentation:

Tailor the software to your needs; for example, if a specific day's audio content spans 3 hours, let the system segment it into 36 files/folders for convenient accessibility.

Efficient Assignment to Text Writers:

Assign audio folders/files, each spanning 5 minutes, to your team of text writers effortlessly.


User-Friendly Text Writing Portal:

Text writers access their assignments through a secure login with an ID and password. They receive folders/files with precise dates and recording times.


Flexible Transcription Process:

Writers use the built-in audio player to transcribe content, enjoying the flexibility to listen multiple times. However, no recordings can be made, ensuring adherence to professional standards.


Seamless Storage and Organization:

After completion, writers effortlessly store their work in a designated folder created by the system. All text writers follow the same procedural steps, ensuring uniformity in the process.


Automated Text Organization:

Once all text writing for a specific day is completed, our system organizes the text sequentially from the beginning to the end, providing a comprehensive and coherent record.

Efficient Archiving:

The system archives all audio and text from Parliament sessions in a date and time order, ensuring instant retrieval of information for a specific time and date using a user-friendly search option.

    Structured Text Presentation:

    Enjoy organized text presentations in date and time format, although the system cannot     guarantee the absence of errors in transcriptions performed by text writers.


Timely Inclusion of Text:

Text for a particular day and time can only be found after its inclusion in the system, ensuring accuracy and completeness.


Versatile Connectivity:

Operating on a LAN (Local Area Network) basis, our system can be easily adapted for web-based functionality, offering flexibility and convenience.

Experience the future of parliamentary recording and transcription with our sophisticated and user-centric system. Enhance efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility with every session.