Portfolio information

Project Name : Online Examination System

Project Client : Kalikoir Hi-Tech Park, Project of ICT Ministry.

Project Category : Educational

Project URL : http://sdkhtp.bhtpa.gov.bd/hitechpark/admin


The Online Examination System enables students to appear in the exam of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with facility of instant result publication.


The Online Examination System empowers students to participate in Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) exams. Before accessing the 'Exam' page, students must complete a registration process to verify their identity through the student database.

The admin oversees the creation of a 'Question Bank' categorized by subjects, each containing 'tough', 'medium', and 'easy' questions. Prior to the online exam, the admin determines the number of questions to be answered, the percentage of question categories, exam duration, and the pass mark.

Upon entering the Exam page, students encounter random questions on the screen, each requiring a correct answer within a specified time frame. Although students may be in the same exam room, the randomized nature of questions prevents collaboration.

As the exam duration is predetermined, the system automatically displays the results to students once the time elapses, indicating the total number of questions, right and wrong answers, and marks obtained with a pass/fail status. Students who finish the exam early can instantly view their results.

Individual student result sheets and a tabulation sheet are automatically emailed to the admin after the exam concludes. Furthermore, all exam reports are archived in the system's database.

This software is applicable for educational and training institutes' exam boards, as computer-checked answers ensure accurate and instant result publication. The admin has the flexibility to upload/edit/delete questions and set the exam duration from the admin panel. The system is coded for storing obtained marks in the database, restricting students from taking multiple exams without admin permission.


Key Features of the Online Examination System:

·        Easy registration process with identity verification.

·        Admin creates a 'Question Bank' with tough, medium, and easy questions categorized by subjects.

·        Admin sets the number of questions, percentage of question categories, exam duration, and pass mark.

·        Admin can upload/edit/delete any number of questions.

·        Admin can fix the number of questions and the allowed exam time.

·        Randomized questions appear on students' screens during the exam, preventing collaboration.

·        Automatic display of results, including total questions, right and wrong answers, total marks, and pass/fail status.

·        Instant result viewing for students completing the exam early.

·        Automatic forwarding of student-wise result and tabulation sheet to the admin via email.

·        All results are stored in the database for later retrieval.

·        Clean code ensures fast loading of the site.