Portfolio information

Project Name : Foqas Academy (e-Result and School Management System)

Project Client : Clients: 200+ Schools

Project Category : Educational

Project URL : https://upasmhs.edu.bd/


The School Management System is a business optimization of school or educational institutes and it’s processes. The School Management System software was designed aiming smooth managerial operation for all the Pre-Primary, Primary, Junior Secondary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Educational Institutions of Bangladesh.


The School Management System represents an enhancement of school and educational institute processes, optimizing their overall functionality. Specifically tailored to cater to the needs of Pre-Primary, Primary, Junior Secondary, Secondary, and Higher Secondary Educational Institutions in Bangladesh, this software aims to streamline managerial operations.

Given that a significant portion of our population resides in rural areas, our primary goal is to digitize educational institutions in rural settings, not only within Bangladesh but also across developing nations globally. Our motto is to minimize the digital divide between rural and urban educational institutions.

Key Highlights:

  • Ipsita School and E-Result Management System have been successfully implemented in over 250 schools in Bangladesh since 2015.


  • The system is designed to be adaptable to the unique requirements of any educational institution globally.


  • It is cost-effective, with no charges for the software and only nominal maintenance fees.


  • Most data entries can be performed offline to accommodate schools with limited internet connectivity, and information can be uploaded swiftly when connectivity is available.

Functionalities and Features:

  • Instant access to a comprehensive database of students, teachers, and employees.
  • Online Admission, Promotion, ID Card Printing, Class Routine, and Monitoring of Online Attendance.
  • E-Result publication and issuance of various certificates/testimonials.
  • Quick entry of exam results.
  • Basic accounts with student fees management and optional online payment.
  • SMS notifications to guardians about attendance status, tuition fees, results, etc.
  • Holiday information, notices, teacher duty rosters.
  • Publication, gallery, career, admission notices, etc.
  • Optional online communication between teachers and students.
  • Teachers' duty roster.
  • Teachers/employees attendance system.
  • Optional Human Resource Management System, Assets Management, Inventory System.

This versatile system can seamlessly integrate with educational institutions worldwide, accommodating specific features as required. Our dedicated team handles marketing and maintenance services to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience. Continuous upgrades are implemented to enhance stability.