Portfolio information

Project Name : Online Newspaper Publication with News Management System.

Project Client : Government

Project Category : Government

Project URL : http://trinomulerjanala.ictd.gov.bd/


An Online Newspaper Management System is a digital platform that streamlines the creation, publishing, and management of online newspapers or news websites. It encompasses content creation and editing, website development, audience engagement, monetization, analytics, security, and editorial integrity. This system aims to deliver news content efficiently to a broad audience while ensuring editorial quality and generating revenue through advertising, subscriptions, or donations. It requires constant innovation and adaptation to stay competitive in the dynamic digital media landscape.


The Online Newspaper Publication Automation System is initiated with the submission of news by local journalists spanning all corners of the country, specifically from the journalists representing the 4554 unions in Bangladesh.

Digital management of all publishing processes is overseen by the Editor or the Editorial Panel, who also handle communication with the respective journalists. The newspaper encompasses various sections, including education, culture, information technology, sports, national news, and local news. Once the Editor approves any news submitted by local journalists for a specific section, it automatically assumes the top position in the online newspaper, following the sequence of the last approved news. The e-Newspaper offers an archive and search option, enabling readers to locate any previously published news at any time.

All these extensive tasks are efficiently handled through the News Management System, an integral component of this software.

Within this system, every journalist possesses access to the relevant local government administration, enabling them to promptly report any ongoing or potential incidents that require immediate attention.